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Help Your Idea Seed Bloom

Nurture your idea from an initial seed using Dreamer, your customized AI incubator, and automatically generate the materials needed to take your idea to the next level.

Devz Dreamer
Idea Incubation on Devz
With Dreamer, use AI to transform your idea into a business. Whether it’s planning your business strategy or your product development, generate the necessary materials to take your idea to the next step.
Idea Input
Start by inputting your idea and its current requirements (we don’t share or re-use your idea in any way).
Overview of Your Idea
Get an initial idea of your idea’s business landscape with the Idea Overview.
Chat With Devi, Your AI Advisor
Devi will ask additional questions along to way to fill in any gaps related to your idea.
Review a Comprehensive Business Plan
The Business Plan will dive further into factors relevant to getting your idea off the ground successfully.
Get Ready to Build With a Project Plan
With the Project Plan, you’ll receive a technical breakdown of your idea that is ready for development whenever you are.
Your Plans Were Generated!
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Fast track your business with our AI-powered idea incubator by building comprehensive foundation to catapult your idea.
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