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Monitor With Devz Sentry

Have peace-of-mind with Sentry’s 24/7 support and operations to ensure your systems are available and running smoothly.Contact Us
Simplify Your
System Operations
with AI
Supercharge your product's performance with Devz Sentry, an AI product providing operational support to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.
  • Comprehensive AI Incident Management
  • 24/7 System Monitoring and Response
  • Adaptive Intelligent AI Assistant
Devz Sentry
Operational Support
on Devz
Devz Sentry utilizes AI to learn about your systems and provide targeted incident response recommendations and actions.
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Get started by easily uploading or describing your requirements on Devz for our AI to evaluate. It will generate monitoring and incident response suggestions tailored to your system needs.

Tailored to your unique needs
Launch Your Devz Support Plan

After confirming requirements and selecting your desired support tier, Devz Sentry will integrate with your systems and begin providing continous monitoring and AI-powered incident response.

AI-Powered Solutions
Incident Recognition and Solutions

With AI analysis of your systems, Devz Sentry can generate recommended solutions for any incidents that arise to expedite the remediation process.

Meet Devi, Your AI Assistant

Devi utilizes AI and ML to provide valuable insights into the potential causes of your incidents and can suggest preventive measures.

Tracking Online Incidents in Real-time
Resolve Your Incidents Quickly and Accurately

With Devz Sentry, review your system incidents in one place and receive resolution actions calculated by AI.

3D Service Maps

Effortlessly monitor thousands of services within a dynamic 3D space.

Dashboard & Reporting

Experience real-time visualization of performance across services, effortlessly uncovering crucial insights without the need for manual and laborious big data processing.

Seamless Application Integrations

Integrate your team's existing applications to Devz to effectively manage all your systems in a single, centralized platform.

End-to-End Management

Devz Sentry commits to the highest standards of incident management, from its initial receipt to resolution to prevention, with our AI actively engaged to rapidly address issues and reduce future occurrences.

User-Friendly Interface

With a comprehensive and streamlined suite of support features, you can easily collaborate with your team on the platform, like set on-call schedules, manage incidents, and perform retrospectives.

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Say goodbye to sleepless nights addressing bugs and try out our AI-assisted incident management to minimize system downtime and maximize your business potential.
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